March 15th, 20:00 h

Studio laborgras presents

Nothing is, but everything.

Improvisation with Sabine von der Tann and Guests

Tickets: 10/8

Ticketreservation: 030 69505183

Nothing is, but erverything.

Improvisation with Sabine von der Tann and Guests

Sabine von der Tann's art of improvisation is informed by her study of Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah. Action Theater™ is an improvisational body-based process used for the discovery of new forms of expression, working with movement, vocal sound and language. Sabine von der Tann is investigating biographical material and excercising the path from within the physical body. The sense of dynamic and musicality, the sense of pauses as vital part in the music of vocal and physical improvisation are her important guidelines for developing an instant composition.

Sabine von der Tann holds a degree for rhytmic-musical education from Folkwang University Essen, a Master of Arts in Dance Movement Therapy, USA, and has been a trainer for DGT. She is a certified senior teacher of Action Theater™ and continues to study the art of improvisation. After having lived in New York and in Berkeley she moved to Berlin in 2004, where she is involved in teaching, performing and writing.