Die Reisenden - a evening of dance with pieces of Elisa Marschall & Darwin Diaz

Die Reisenden

Friday August 31st, 20:00 h
Saturday September 1st, 20:00 h
An evening of three short pieces
Tickets: 12,- / reduced 8,-
Ticketreservation: 030 69505183

Die Reisenden

An evening of three short pieces
Nobody - Soul, Dream & Study #3 - The Circle


Nobody – Soul
What happens inside us when we leave home? How does it influence our identity? Which expectations and fears do we face on the road to the unknown? Does somebody leaving his or her home ever arrive again somewhere? Leaving home brings loss as well as gains. “Nobody – Soul” addresses the journey into the unknown. It deals with the feeling of uncertainty and the desire to arrive as well as with the need to remain true to one’s own roots.

Concept and Choreography: Elisa Marschall
Dance: Darwin José Díaz Carrero
Music: Thomas Wansing


shares the idea that everything we know is the manifestation of an absolute and perfect consciousness. Nothing is as it appears to be, we are not the ones we believe to be. We are the intense dream of this consciousness, living an experience in an imaginary world which we call life. We are neither our bodies, nor our emotions or minds. We are the essence of this consciousness and our intention is to get back into this state.

Concept: Darwin Diaz
Choreography and Dance: Darwin Diaz
Music: Max Richter & Grace Davidson
Video: Robert Przybyl



Study #3 “The Circle
is a piece inspired on this symbol, which represents the eternal movement; the constant fluency of the matter and the interaction of energies which attract and repel each other in a specific place and time. It is an abstract vision of this symbol and its significance and relation with the masculine and feminine gender, which in essence is infinite union and creation.

Concept: Darwin Díaz

Choreography: Darwin Díaz, Elisa Marschall, Sergey Zhukov

Dance: Elisa Marschall & Sergey Zhukov