The performance is posponed to a later date...

a double bill evening with Arianna Rodeghiero, Samuel Moncharmont & Rosalind Masson


Company Rooms - Dimmi ancora un’altra città

A duet between dance and live music. Two performers search for themselves and question each other: how to build something new in an unknown place and how to adapt ourselves in a different environment? What’s about connecting with other people? Exploring the various shades of a relationship, getting closer, crashing and falling, the dancer and the musician bring us around imaginaries cities and invisibles links. Lights, sounds and movements cooperate in fictive rooms to design new outlooks and feelings.
Concept and choreography: Arianna Rodeghiero and Samuel Moncharmont
Performance: Arianna Rodeghiero - Dance and Samuel Moncharmont - Music
Music: Samuel Moncharmont
Studio musical production: Studio Moncharmont
Lighting Design: Guillaume Rogalski and Jeromes Besson.
With the support of: Dancehaus+, Ilinxarium residenza teatrale, Campsirago residenza, Teatro “Les Arts” (Cluny, France).


Rosalind Masson/Anima(l)[us] - No Man´s Land

In her solo work, choreographer and dancer Rosalind Masson explores questions about the formation of self. If our selves are partly composed of a myriad of experiential imprints, what is the context that creates and/or determines those imprints? Using the body as a site of conflict between outer and inner space, she explores the no-man’s lands between print and imprint, vessel and void, form and content, which compose our human lives. She does this in an attempt to give voice to those impressions which tend to be negated, suppressed or exploited in our anthropocentric world and political landscape.
Concept and choreography: Rosalind Masson
Performance: Rosalind Masson
Music: Jetsun Mila - Eliane Radigue. Pt.1
Inkjet/Fluo - Single, Beatrice Dillon & Call Super
It’s a Forest (adapted for No-Man’s Land) by Ela Spalding
Jetsun Mila - Eliane Radigue, Pt 2.
Lighting Design at Studio laborgras: Rosalind Masson & Arthur Stäldi
This work is supported by Anima(l)[us], The Workroom, Dancebase, Dance North, Gerhard Hauptmann Theatre Görlitz and Tramway, Glasgow. With special thanks to Jer Reid and Sita Pieraccini. Foto credits: Beth Chalmers.
Rosalind Masson has been dancing, choreographing and teaching professionally for over 13 years in the UK, USA and on mainland Europe. She graduated from LCDS in 2006 and thereafter worked as a freelancer based in Glasgow, but working all over Scotland. In 2008 she completed a Masters Degree from DJCAD in Media Arts. In 2010, she began producing her own choreographic work and has created seven works for stage and gallery spaces as well as multiple works for screen. Between 2012 and 2013, she was Dance Development Officer at Ceòlas in the Outer Hebrides and through support from Dance North is continuing to develop the work she began there. Since 2014, Rosalind worked in Berlin with laborgras co-creating and performing in four contemporary dance works under the title, “The Renaissance of…” performing in the work of Keith A. Thompson, David Hernandez and Renate Graziadei. In 2016 she moved to Görlitz, Saxony with her partner and young daughter where they are developing a space for visual art, movement research and contemporary performance.