Studio laborgras - work in progress showing - Alexander Carrillo & Veronica Santiago Moniello

August 22nd, 18:00 h

work in progress - Open Door

with Alexander Carrillo & Veronica Santiago Moniello
Free Entrance

Dizziness (out of two)

The idea of the duet began six years ago when Veronica Santiago and Alexander Carrillo met for he first time in life. Today after that time, the physical approach and research have started in the city of Merida - Yucatan south of Mexico, the artistic research took place in the frame of an three weeks intensive residence at La Rendija performing arts center. As a result Carrillo and Santiago performed the duet on process during two success nights, now here in Berlin they are going to show the work in progress.

The main intention of this piece is based on the encounter, the piece was born out of the need of sharing what happen with us during a distance time, despite the distance our bodies recognized each other through the attraction, and this attraction contributes unceasingly common thoughts. We created an own world in which we project and share our wishes, a common terrain where we enjoy the fact of contradictions, seeking dialogues, discussions and suggestions, as well as exploring unreal expressions in different situations. From the spontaneous we open new communication channels where the human re-discovered the animal through the natural movement. Suggestions are Welcome! By Alexander Carrillo and Veronica Santiago

Studio laborgras - work in progress showing - Alexander Carrillo & Veronica Santiago Moniello

Alexander Carrillo
Born in Colombia in 1982, Fredy Alexander Carrillo studied Contemporary Dance for five years at the Academy of Arts of Bogotá (Academia Superior de Artes de Bogota). In 2007, Carrillo moved to Europe to pursue his studies in Dance at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany and a semester at the “ArtEZ-Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Throughout his professional career, Carrillo has worked for celebrated international choreographers and dance companies, including Charles Vodoz, Tino Fernandez, Carlos Maria, Cie. Toula Limnaios, Theater Der Klänge, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Jerome Bell, Mark Sieczkerek, Henrieta Horn, Reinhard Schiele, Malou Airaudo, and Rodolpho Leoni. He is currently performing with the Fors Works Company of Denmark with the piece "In the Pretty Boys Mouth", and with Venezuelan dancer Veronica Santiago, and co-directing an interactive piece, "Dystopia Visual", with the Art Collective Estereotips.

Eager to express himself creatively, Carrillo has been leading his own artistic research. In particular, he has been exploring the concept of ‘The Ugly’ and ‘The Role of the Audience in Performing Arts’ as investigated through the creation of ‘games’, which disrupt their physical and emotional state, along with their critical perspectives. For this purpose, Carrillo has been directing and creating performances and art installations, and has been collaborating with artists from other disciplines, musicians, actors, painters, and dancers. Furthermore, as a Latin American person, Carrillo is also always researching about his culture and roots in order to integrate them in the most authentic way and further his body of work.

Since 2009, Carrillo has been running the "Dasein” project, which focuses on human creativity and the ability to live the present moment, through series of site-specific improvisations, involving the audience in spontaneous and participative ways. In 2012, Carrillo launched the "DREIZIG Festival" in Berlin to showcase the work of artists in their thirties from different disciplines, celebrating collectively 30 years of art and life.


Veronica Santiago Moniello
Born in Caracas-Venezuela, starts her dance education in 2000 at the Contemporary Dance School Piso Rojo and University of Dance Iudanza. At the same time she worked as performer at the Caracas Roja Laboratory Dance Company and with National Company of Theater of Venezuela.

In 2004 she won the scholarship from IAEM which allows her to continue her studies at the Folkwang University of Arts, Essen-Germany. During her stay in Germany she worked with coreographers such as Felix Burkle, Zamir Akika Chikako Kaido, Leandro Kees. Mark Sieczkarekand with theatre director Klaus Schreiber. Besides that she has directed two dance pieces Pasaje and “Under” two solos “Lucrecia” and “First Day” in Germany. In 2009 she moves to Spain and worked with the director Francisco Leiva and Urban Spaces with in an interdisciplinary crew.

Today she lives in Mexico, Merída-Yucatán where she works as a teacher, dancer and creator at Tumakat Dance Company and co-creating work with Alexander Carrillo, Pedro Zambra y Tomas Gomez. In her personal work she researches about unstable surfaces as structures of changing in which she develops movement qualities and sequences, placing the body in the space to intervene with movement and through what she has called factors of change, the eventuality, the accident and the non stable of the impermanent, in the way that we all can alter what is established.

In collaboration with the photographer Rodrigo Valero and the architect Isaac zambra, she works with the idea of constant mutation not only it manifests from the body but form the proyection of elements into the space which are and excuse to put the body in a continuos physical state where disequilibrium is the only one who can lead any route through, this idea is that her last creation was born.