Taktstelle Preview 4

June 21st, 19:00 h

Studio laborgras presents

the 4th Preview of Taktstelle

DIE Musiktanzreihe

Taktloss & Naama Ityel
Le First & Naama Ityel
Free Entrance
Studio laborgras
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a
2nd backyard
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Taktstelle- DIE Musiktanzreihe

at Theaterkapelle

June 26th, 20:00
Le First, Graziadei & Ityel
June 28th, 20:00
Taktlo$$, Graziadei & Ityel

Boxhagener Str. 99
10245 Berlin
Tickets: 030-68076314


Taktstelle - DIE Musiktanzreihe

a cooperation between Studio laborgras, Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger) and Theaterkapelle


Taktstelle presents international dancers interacting with live music from the Berlin scene. In collaboration with the laborgras collective, TablaTiger launched this new series of performances in November 2012 at the Theaterkapelle in Friedrichshain.


Taktstelle stands for:

Takt (beat) as the common fleeting element of music and dance. Stelle (location), as the place where the two art forms meet. Taktstelle creates an atmosphere in which the artists of both disciplines can engage with each other. The end is left open and is intended to stimulate a discussion.

For their collective performance at Taktstelle, the musicians and dancers are given a short period of time to rehearse together. With the previews at the Studio laborgras, a short form of the  initial collaborative approaches will be presented to the public. Afterwards, the Studio Bar offers an opportunity to exchange thoughts between Audience and Performers in an informal setting.

Renate Graziadei born in Austria, began her dance training in Switzerland. She then went to New York for three years to study, live and work, most notably as a dancer for the Nina Wiener dance company. Upon her return to Europe, she worked with Rui Horta at the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt and then moved on to the dance group COAX in Hamburg. In the fall of 1994 she established the LaborGras collective with Arthur Stäldi. Since the establishment of LaborGras she has realized together with Arthur Stäldi a numerous of own productions / projects and has been closely involved in projects of other choreographers/artists. One of her longest collaboration has been with the choreographer David Hernandez. Since 1999 she has been closely involved in many of his productions. In 1997 and 1998 she received a grant from the danceWEB programme during the ‘International Weeks of Dance’ in Vienna. In 1997 she was additionally profiled in the critic’s survey of the magazine ballet international / tanz aktuell as ‘upcoming female dancer’. Since 1996 she has been teaching contemporary technique regularly in various institutions in Germany and internationally. Since summer 2004 she also has been working as rehearsal director for Sasha Waltz & Guests for the productions Impromptus, Dialoge 06 – Radiale Systeme, Medea, Romeo & Juliette, Metamorphoses and Continu. Since 2008 she is also dancing with Sasha Walz & Guests in the projects Jagden and Formen and Metamorphoses.


Naama Ityel

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 22.10.1987. Graduated dance major at the High School for Art in Tel Aviv, Israel. After a two years program of “Mate Asher Dance Academy” in Israel, graduated SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in Salzburg, Austria. Danced for “Emanuel Gat Dance Company”, “Dana Ruttenberg Dance Company”, Colette Sadler and other various projects in Israel and Europe. Created a piece for the “Mate Asher Dance Academy”. Collaboration with the City of Salzburg during the Salzburg Biennale 2010. Co-choreographed and performed her last piece, "One E on Edge", that took part in the “TanzTage Festival” in Berlin, Germany.




The Berlin born and raised Rapper Taktloss has a certain weakness for odd and bizarre appearances, he recently reproofed at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with a special performance. In 2001 the “King of Battle Rap” started his BRP album series with the record Battlereim Priorität Nr.7, soon after he founded his own label FDB Rekordz. 2012 Takloss released in collaboration with Justus the album Imitierte Signale. www.taktloss.de

Le First

The multiply talented rapper Le First rules acting and french word acrobacy like no other. Born in Berlin he soon discovered his affection for big stages. At the age of six he already performed at Deutsche Oper and Metropol Theater. With 14 another great passion of his emerged: hip hop. Le First’s French-German lyrics are coined by bittersweet pain, grief and daily troubles – nonetheless his words equally spend comfort and hope for the oppressed metropolitan souls. His recent album Le Produit de Berlin has been published in August 2012.



Credits & Partners:

Idea & Project Management: Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger)

Artistic Dircetor: Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger) & Renate Graziadei, Arthur Städli (laborgras)

Production Managment Theaterkapelle: Chris Wohlrab

Organizer: TablaTiger, Theaterkapelle, Studio laborgras

Venue: Theaterkapelle & Studio laborgras (Previews)


Naam Iytel: copyright by Robin Kirchner & Andre Lewsk