Anne-Mareike Hess Residence N°9

Friday March 11th, 18:00

Residence N°9 Open Door

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Anne-Mareike Hess Residence N°9

Anne-Mareike Hess, Marc Lohr

Residence N°9

The two artists Anne-Mareike Hess (movement) and Marc Lohr (sound) are in a constant exchange since 2007. Together they have worked on numerous pieces. Their main interest lies in the communication between people, sound and movement: the musicality of the movement and the movement of the sound.

During their residency at Labor Gras they want to leave the field of piece-making and strive towards a pure improvisation practice, in order to understand each others media even better and to open new possibilities through the daily practice.


Every day follows a structure:

- Movement: both artists are moving in space

- Sound: both artists are making sound

- Movement and sound: the two medias should be in a constant communication with each other


Anne-Mareike Hess is a dancer and choreographer born in Luxembourg. She started her education in dance and music at the Conservatory in Luxembourg and the TDM (today TROIS C-L). Than she moved to Germany to study dance at the HfMDK in Frankfurt/Main. In 2006 she finished her studies in Frankfurt and since she is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer. In addition to this Anne-Mareike just finished a two years Master of Arts in Choreography at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin / Ernst Busch. As a dancer and performer Anne-Mareike Hess been working a.o. with William Forsythe ("Human Writes"), the Superhands and Miriam Horwitz ("Essay on the dead body", "Niinsky"). She has worked as an assistant for the luxembourgish choreographers Bernard Baumgarten and Gianfranco Celestino. Her own choreographies (Utopie-Try Out, remember, Insightinside) were performed in Luxembourg, France, Germany, England, Italy, Rumania, Croatia and Canada. In 2008 Anne-Mareike was part of the international exchange project "Dance Roads" and she was invited to the Festival "Repérages" in Lille (FR). Her latest production "Never-ending up north" was co-produced and premiered at TNL in Luxembourg. Since 2007 Anne-Mareike´s work is supported on a regular base by the luxembourgish Ministry of Culture and the TROIS C-L. Since 2007 Anne-Amreike is collaborating with the musician Marc Lohr. Since 2009 Anne-Mareike Hess is collaborating with the theater director Miriam Horwitz in form of duo works ("dazwischen", "After the essay on the dead body", "Ein Gespräch mit Miriram Horwitz und Anne-Mareike Hess".


Marc Lohr (drums/electronics) grew up in Luxembourg where he studied jazz as well as classical music; he graduated from the royal conservatory in the Hague, Holland; after residing in Copenhagen he now lives in Berlin. he mostly plays music which is or includes improvisation; he writes music for instruments, electronic devices and moving people.