Studio LaborGras Berlin Kreuzberg

Studio LaborGras is a forum for artists. Established in Berlin-Kreuzberg since 2002, the studio is a research, production and performance venue for contemporary dance. The studio is used by LaborGras and guests to develop and present their work.

Daily training, regular workshops and the Impro on Stage series make up the primary points of encounter for professionals and the public. These exchanges are accompanied by workshop presentations, open rehearsals and performances.

We strive to offer artists a venue that corresponds to the current production demands of the independent dance scene. The entire infrastructure: studio, studio stage, foyer area, sound system, lights and lighting system, and computer with internet access, is made available with minimum bureaucratic effort.

LaborGras seeks intensive collaboration with other artists. The nature of each collaboration is newly defined with every project and takes into account the artistic and practical needs of all parties involved. As a production venue that strives for public outreach, we are unable to host touring productions in the conventional sense.