David Hernandez

David Hernandez

Movement Construction Lab

16.08. - 20.08.2010
10:45 - 17:00


140,- / *reduced 100,-
*with binding registration by August 9th, 2010

David Hernandez Movement Construction Lab

In the Morning:

The workshop begins each day with a technical part in which the dancers can develop a personal understanding of geometry and its relation to the body. Impulses will be explored from alignment, movement flow, breath, the relationship to the space and to the other participants, as well as the various ways in which movements can be held and dissolved through extension. After they have achieved this understanding, David Hernandez leads the dancers into improvisation and composition through which they can explore and build on their own abilities as spontaneous agents and performers in relationship to their specific problems, situations, and issues. In this transitional improvisation we begin to experience the weight of the body and its collaboration with gravity which helps us to move through the space with efficiency. Afterwards the class gets more and more physical as we begin to train the various muscle groups and actions working with gravity as our partner until we finally approach a choreographic material in which the previous concepts can be applied.

In the Afternoon:

I would to work in a lab type format. We will experiment and explore with different parameters for the creation of movement material concentrating on logic for the material and how it reads as well as balancing the material against our thematic interest. We will only be concerned with maquette making ( short term construction) in order to explore various different methods and interests for movement generation over the course of the week, perhaps even taking on a new task each day. There is a framework for the evolution of the workshop but it’s true development will be mostly determined by the group discussions and results during the course of the lab period in response to our experiments, questions and findings.

Some topics of interest to explore are:

situational movement
using a situation or decided modifier to inform the creation of movement, i.e. reduced or confined space, reduced body usage ( a dance for only arms, or for legs that don’t work, never letting your face be seen,) illusion of increased gravity etc...

theatrical approach to movement
using state or theatrical devices or themes to inform the creation of the material

movement as a language
treating movement much in the way you compose sentences with subject, interpolation, premise, rhythm etc

borrowed forms
using structures and influences from other forms to inspire movement creation
- movement in relation to music
- movement that invokes imagery (visual art)- body as an object
- film and plastic art techniques- collage, flashback/ foreshadowing, cut and paste etc
- chance and mathematical systems, manipulation, retrograde, warping etc...

amalgam and aethsthetic
using a variety of different skills and techniques combined toward a more aesthetic result- using movement modifiers and generators,

informal material
quotidien movements, gestures, impressions, animalistic material or primal movement

working from improvisations to setting
scores and techniques to setting material from improv


David Hernandez, born in Miami FL, studied Studio music, Jazz and Opera at the University of Miami and Dance at the New world School of the Arts before moving to New York, where he worked as an apprentice for a time with the TRISHA BROWN COMPANY. In 1993 he moved to Europe with Meg Stuart to help her start in Belgium and worked with the company for almost five years as a performer, collaborator, training the company and often assistant to Stuart. He left the company to return to building his own body of work in Brussels under the name EDWARDVZW.

He developed the improvisation project CrashLanding (1996-1999), in collaboration with Meg Stuart and Christine DeSmet. Further improvisation projects were developed for festivals such as Klapstuk, Springdance, Sum of the Parts and many more and has danced as an improviser with many artists such as Katie Duck, Steve Paxton, Vera Mantero, among others

He teaches regularly in Belgium and internationally and has been a regular Professor at P.A.R.T.S. for the last 10 years and developed and directed The Performance Education Program (PEP) in Leuven in residence at the Klapstuk festival. He has received grants from the Flemish government and many other production houses for the realisation of his work.

Recently he has been collaborating on projects with Rebecca Murgi (Italy), LABORGRAS (Germany), ANOUK VAN DIJK COMPANY (Netherlands), Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker and ROSAS.

He continues to work as a writer in music, dance, visual art, multi media, events, pedagogy and experimental theatre worldwide and is a much sought after pedagogue, performer and creator/director.


Important Note
Binding Registration
Registration can only be made via e-mail and binds the participant to paying the contribution for the research project. The registration is only reserved form the moment the fee has been paid and received. In case of exceeding the allowed number of participants or cancellation of the research project on part of LaborGras, the whole fee will be reimbursed to the participant immediately. In case of cancellation by the participant after August 9th 2010 reimbursement is no longer possible, except in the event that the participant finds another person to take their place in the research project. In case of cancellation before August 9th administrative charges of 20,- Euro will always be applied. Each participant is solely liable for possible injuries.

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