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Luis Lara Malvacias Frame & Reframe

The five-hour Research Process with Luis Lara Malvacias starts every day with a two-hour technique class. After class there will be a short break and then the research continues. At the end of the ten days there will be an informal showing/open door to share the process result with a public.

Technique Class

This class is designed to respect the individual nature of each of us, as dancers, creators and human beings with our own voices. The class begins with a simple warm-up focusing on the breathing, internal structure, weight and the body’s articulations. Directed exercises and suggested improvisations give the opportunity to each of the students to observe and experience their own particularity and range of mobility. As the class progresses we look to integrate the parts of the body and the use of the floor. A grounded, alert body will then be prepared for a dynamic phrase material that focuses on the details, dropping in and out of the floor and fast changes of direction and levels. The class ends with an individual manipulation of the provided phrase. This class is the result of personal investigations and is influenced by many years of study and work with Jeremy Nelson, Barbara Mahler (Klein Technique), and more recently Alexander Technique™ and BodyMind-Centering® .

An Explorative Research Process

During this process we will work with simple suggested exercises that incorporate a variety of approaches to improvising. These approaches will include the use of images (both anatomical and from the surrounding space), as well as words and situations that trigger impulses to create movement, which can enable us to create a particular vocabulary. During this process we will also generate our own phrase material and then go on to explore the compositional possibilities of it. The exploration and interplay between these elements will help our final decisions and affect our compositional choices. At this point we will discuss what it all means for us, from general to more specific meanings. Finally we will look into reframing the meaning to expand the possibilities of our creation. During the research we will work individually and in groups.


Luis Lara Malvacías is a Venezuelan choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, designer and visual artist. He has danced for the Venezuelan Company Espacio Alterno and in the work of David Zambrano and Mark Tompkins. In New York he has danced for Jeremy Nelson, John Jasperse, Marguerita Guergue, Yoshiko Chuma, and in his own choreography. He has presented his work at several countries (including many countries in Europe, South America, North America and Asia) and in various venues in New York since 1994, including DTW, PS122, Danspace Project, The Kitchen and Joyce Soho among others.

Since 1998 he has been creating and presenting a series of innovative installations/performances which have been presented in New York and abroad. He also have created two NOT DANCE FESTIVALS that involve the participation of invited companies from Latino America and Latin American choreographers/dancers based in New York.

In 1998/1999 and 2002/2003 he was a Movement Research Artist-in Residence and in 2006 a Dance New Amsterdam Artist in Residence. He is the recipient of a 2006 NYFA Fellowship for choreography.


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