David Hernandez,


born in Miami FL, studied Studio music, Jazz and Opera at the University of Miami and Dance at the New world School of the Arts before moving to New York, where he worked as an apprentice for a time with the TRISHA BROWN COMPANY. In 1993 he moved to Europe with Meg Stuart to help her start in Belgium and worked with the company for almost five years as a performer, collaborator, training the company and often assistant to Stuart. He left the company to return to building his own body of work in Brussels under the name EDWARDVZW.

He developed the improvisation project CrashLanding (1996-1999), in collaboration with Meg Stuart and Christine DeSmet. Further improvisation projects were developed for festivals such as Klapstuk, Springdance, Sum of the Parts and many more and has danced as an improviser with many artists such as Katie Duck, Steve Paxton, Vera Mantero, among others

He teaches regularly in Belgium and internationally and has been a regular Professor at P.A.R.T.S. for the last 10 years and developed and directed The Performance Education Program (PEP) in Leuven in residence at the Klapstuk festival. He has received grants from the Flemish government and many other production houses for the realisation of his work.

Recently he has been collaborating on projects with Rebecca Murgi (Italy), LABORGRAS (Germany), ANOUK VAN DIJK COMPANY (Netherlands), Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker and ROSAS.

He continues to work as a writer in music, dance, visual art, multi media, events, pedagogy and experimental theatre worldwide and is a much sought after pedagogue, performer and creator/director.