I, Myself And Me Again

Premiere: October 13th 2006, Studio laborgras

Recycling, a piece for dancers and an Apparatus

Idea and Apparatus Götz Dihlmann
Concept laborgras & Götz Dihlmann
Instant Composition Renate Graziadei, Lena Meierkord & Arthur Stäldi
Sound Peter Göhler & Götz Dihlmann
Dramaturgical Advisor, Production Administration Gabi Beier
Managment laborgras Inge Zysk

A LaborGras production

First there was an apparatus, built from parts that no longer had a use and had landed at the dump. It can move by itself and make noises and: it can create random series of movements for continuous manipulation. It’s almost as if it had its own, mechanical consciousness. On stage it encounters three dancers equipped merely with an inexhaustible repertoire of movement, drawing from both live dance and dancing life. The continuous improvised encounter of the four give new life to the old, or perhaps the old seems new, when one arranges it in a new way or comes to it from a new perspective. The dancers move with conviction, refer to their repertory of motion, create, manifest and induce new energy. Movement that was once structured in the system is re-used and re-evaluated, and the energy, intentions and dynamics produced in the space are ingested and reshaped, physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances are scrutinized and questioned.  The new is shaped out of the essence of movement, developed out of seemingly unrelated parts. Parts and information are drawn out of various sources, sources of an outer and inner nature: external like the dancers or apparatus, internal like emotionals, thoughts and intuition. Re-cycling is spontaneous and instantaneous. It begs the questions: who creates waste and who recycles?

Produced by LaborGras & Götz Dihlmann. With the support of Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V