Sergiu Matis, Nefeli Skarmea

Friday April 30th, 18:00

Residence N°4 Open Door

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Sergiu Matis, Nefeli Skarmea

Sergiu Matis, Nefeli Skarmea

Residence N°4

The performer's presence
What if deliberately in the performer's mind a thought or memory process takes place that brings him/her out of the actual performance? For instance: the performer stands on stage directing a clear focus towards the audience and then, instead of communicating directly with the spectators, dissapears into a far memory of his own where the audience has no acces, but is nevertheless able to observe this process of drifting away from the present. The performer could also be remembering a song. This way the performer's "trip" can become visible to the audience as it witnesses the song "happening" in front of their eyes, without being able to hear it. Maybe they can read its rythm and observe it on the performer's body, led by the process of remembering. Can the audience notice when the performer is here and now, in the very same room, or if he has left us? Has his presence left the room?

It's a piece that deals with bodies as remains, rests, dried out of feelings or emotions (without creating an apocalyptic landscape). They have been left alone in a room where they try to remember, they try to recompose themselves and their environment, they create possibilities and expectations. Anything can happen, but what will? Words are bodies and the whole text is a body that join this landscape of fragile figures on a constant dissolvement doomed to accidents and failure. It's a try for the performer to see the own body, the other bodies and the room in a more abstract, flat, almost stupid way, thinking of it all as if being a new experience.

Concept/Direction: Sergiu Matis
Performers: Sergiu Matis & Nefeli Skarmea

Sergiu Matis
born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, studied dance at Liceul de Coregrafie in his hometown (1991-2000) and then at Akademie des Tanzes Mannheim as a scholarship- holder of the Tanzstiftung Birgit Keil. Starts his professional career at Tanztheater Nürnberg where amongst others he worked with Daniela Kurz, Stijn Celis, Jo Strømgren, Catherine Guerin, Rodolfo Leoni, Russell Maliphant, Lionel Hoche, Jo Kanamori, Rui Horta, Javier de Frutos, Andre Gingras, Jorma Elo. Workshops: William Nadylam (Peter Brook Company), Duccio Bellugi- Vannuccini (Theatre du Solei), Compagnie Alias- Geneva, Julien Hamilton. Since 2008 living and working in Berlin with Colette Sadler-Stammer Productions, Yossi Berg,Oded Graf, and Sasha Waltz.

Nefeli Skarmea
born in Athens, Greece. Initially trained at the State School of Dance in Athens. She then completed her studies in the Royal Ballet School, London and at the Rotterdamse Dansakademie. She was a member of the Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbrücken and of Tanztheater Nürnberg where she danced for several choreographers including Daniela Kurz, Stijn Celis, Russel Malifant, Lionel Hoche, Rui Horta, Susanna Leinonen, Rodolpho Leoni, Jo Strømgren and Sergiu Matis. Since 2006 she has been free-lancing; her first engagement being with cie. toula limnaios/ Berlin and later on with Philip Bergmann/Munich, Veronika Riz/Bolzano, Colette Sadler/Berlin-Glasgow, Shang-chi Sun/Berlin and with visual artist Ladislav Zajac, performing in numerous festivals in Germany and abroad. At the moment she is participating in the interdisciplinary structure of and also, as performer, in an installative project initiated by Sozita Goudouna/Athens-London which will be presented at the Benaki Museum, in september 2010, in Athens. She now lives in Berlin and is collaborating with Sergiu Matis - for this research period - whom she has known for years.