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November 16th, 19:00

Preview of

Taktstelle - DIE Musiktanzreihe

Maria Marta Colusi
& Paris Suit Yourself
Annapaola Leso
& Velvet Condom
Free Entrance


Taktstelle Premiere

November 23rd, 21:00 
Maria Marta Colusi
& Paris Suit Yourself
November 24th, 21:00 
Annapaola Leso
& Velvet Condom
Boxhagener Str. 99
10245 Berlin
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030 - 611 013 13


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Takstelle - DIE Musiktanzreihe

Taktstelle - DIE Musiktanzreihe

a cooperation between Studio LaborGras, Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger) and Theaterkapelle


Taktstelle presents international dancers interacting with live music from the Berlin scene. In collaboration with the LaborGras collective, TablaTiger is launching this new series of performances in the Theaterkapelle in Friedrichshain starting in November.


Taktstelle stands for:

Takt (beat) as the common fleeting element of music and dance. Stelle (location), as the place where the two art forms meet. Taktstelle creates an atmosphere in which the artists of both disciplines can engage with each other. The end is left open and is intended to stimulate a discussion.

The sneak previews will be presented at Studio LaborGras and the performances at the Thetaerkapelle at Boxhagener Str. 99  in Berlin Friedrichshain. After the performances at the Theaterkapelle there will be a party in the basement of the Theaterkapelle with Dj´s.


The Performance Series will be held regularly every two months with two bands and dancers, with a preview at Studio LaborGras and a weekend performance at Theaterkapelle.


For their collective performance at Taktstelle, the musicians and dancers are given a short period of time to rehearse together. At the preview on November 16 at Studio LaborGras, the initial collaborative approaches will be presented to the public. Afterwards, the Studiobar offers an opportunity to exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Maria Marta Colusi & Paris Suit Yourself
People go to a concert to see a band. Luvinsky, the singer of Paris Suit Yourself, dances wildly on the stage. He captivates the audience with his movements and music, and draws them into a thrilling body-rhythm that nobody can resist. But suddenly veteran dancer Maria Marta Colusi appears among the church pews of Berlin's Theaterkapelle. Luvinsky reduces his rhythmic movements and gives Maria space to freely dance. The dance is improvised. Both artists embark on an experimental journey.


Maria Marta Colusi (Dance), was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires. She studied dance at the dance school of Teatro San Martin. She was a member of the Contemporary Ballet Teatro San Martin and worked with Roxana Grinstein, Ana Maria Stekelman (Compania Tangokinesis) and Oscar Araiz. She has performed at festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Europe and North America. In the United States she studied contemporary dance and composition in the American Dance Festival. In January 2001, she gained a scholarship with the Fondation Antorchas in France. Her first piece »Doigt couleur Carmin« was premiered in Buenos Aires in 2001. In Berlin, she studied with David Moss at the Institute of Living Voice. Maria Marta Colusi has been working with Sasha Waltz & Guests since 2002 dancing in such pieces as »insideout«, »Impromptus«, »Gezeiten«, »Dido & Aeneas«, »Medea«, »Travelogue – Twenty to eight«, »Jagden und Formen«, »Continu« and »Métamorphoses« and she participates in various »Dialoge«-projects by Sasha Waltz.

Paris Suit Yourself

Luvinsky Atche (Voice), Victor Tricard (Keyboard, Guitar)

Paris Suit Yourself is the first rock band to sign with the Big Dada label. Audiences are treated to razor-sharp combinations such as Keith Levene's guitar with polyrhythmic drumming and improvised texts by singer Luvinsky Atche. Paris Suit Yourself features an aggressive and witty combination of the aesthetics of Public Enemy and the melodies of David Bowie's musical era. Their debut album, "My Main Shitstain" (2011, label: Big Dada), showcases the band's multifaceted character. The band has already given countless performances in Berlin at venues such as Miss Tipsy, .HBC, Prince Charles and Kater Holzig. Paris Suit Yourself ranks among the secret favorites of the Phoda, Les Transmusicales de Rennes and distortion festivals.



Annapaola Leso & Velvet Condom

At the same venue a day later spectators see the young dancer Annapaola Leso perform with the band Velvet Condom. The atmosphere in the Theaterkapelle changes. Both the band and the dancer stand on the stage and interactively perform together. Now the visitors are sitting on the benches arranged in rows in the chapel, and the chapel apse is visible behind the artists. Velvet Condom and Annapaola Leso use improvisation to create their performance, just as PSY and Colusi did. One can see – no, actually feel – their enjoyment, and above all the freedom of their artistic collaboration.


Annapaola Leso (Dance), graduated from M.a,s Academy of Contemporary Dance in Milan, Italy. Before moving to Berlin, she travelled to Brussel and London to increas her studies taking class with Wim Vandekeybus, Laura Aris Alvarez, Yuval Pick, Michael Clark. She is living, studying and working in Berlin since June 2011. She has studied Performance and Improvisation with David Zambrano, Rebecca Hilton, Julyen Hamilton, Rosalind Crisp and LaborGras. She is interested in working on movement which also include gestures, sounds and theatrics.


Velvet Condom (Music)
Alice Gift (Voice, Guitar, Keyboard), Oberst P (Keyboard, Programming)

The band Velvet Condom was formed in 2005 in Strasbourg, France. It combines electro-pop from the 1980s with a contemporary approach and top-notch indie guitar pop. The band calls its music dirty pop. On the stage, Velvet Condom goes wild and uses neon and strobe lights to create a psychedelic performance. The duo had its recording debut in 2006 with "VC," which included two tracks ("Kalter Lippenstift" and "Poison & Maquillage") that have become classics. Two years later, Velvet Condom moved to Berlin, where it produced its second album, "Safe & Elegant." Their current album, "Stadtgeil," was released in May of this year. With over 200 live performances, including in New York, Paris, Italy and Athens – at The Modern Mechanix Festival, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Tacheless and SO36 – they have already gathered the requisite wealth of experience to emerge from the shadow of more well-known bands.



Credits & Partners:

Idea & Project Management: Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger)

Artistic Dircetor: Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger) & Renate Graziadei, Arthur Städli (LaborGras)

Production Managment Theaterkapelle: Chris Wohlrab

Concept Development & Texts: Carla Pohl

Technique: Hans Balzer

Stage: Marc Strohfeldt

Organizer: TablaTiger, Theaterkapelle, StudioLaborGras

Venue: Theaterkapelle & Studio LaborGras (Previews)


Maria Marta Colusi: copyright Sebastian Bolesch
Paris Suit Yourself: copyright by Liudmila Savelieva & Chris Lewis
Annapaola Leso: copyright Leticia Balacek
Velvet Condom: copyright by Meryll Hardt


Philipp Selalmazidis (TablaTiger)
TablaTiger was established in 2012 by Philipp Selalmazidis. Philipp Selalmazidis is a freelance event organizer and is using TablaTiger to stage interdisciplinary and alternative events in the Berlin music scene at unconventional venues.