TEZAT und Solo 11 / 2_Solos

2_SOLOS - TEZAT & Solo_11

Berlin Premiere November 25th, 20:00 h

further Performances on
November 26th, 20:00
November 27th, 20:00
Canan Erek & Geraldo Si
Tickets: +49 30 695 051 83
Entrance Fee: 12.- / reduced. 8.-
Supported by: Kultur Büro der Stadt Wuppertal

2_SOLOS - TEZAT & Solo_11

with Canan Erek & Geraldo Si


Brazilian choreographer and dancer Geraldo Si met his Turkish counterpart, also choreographer and dancer, Canan Erek for the first time 20 years ago. Both of them were drawn towards Germany through their mutual enthusiasm for Pina Bausch. Today, both dancers live in Berlin and, through their renewed collaboration, have been synthesizing their dance talents. Both have been able to accompany each other in this process through their mutual insight.


Choreography/Dance: Canan Erek
Costume: Osamu Arai
Music: Fred Frith, Erika Stucky, Denis Russell

TEZAT builds counterpoints. It deals with the ambiguity. Knot as a symbol with different associations serves as a thought for two things: they can be useful to connect something, but they can also pose a problem if you just have to solve. www.cananerek.de


Perfomance Installation with Geraldo Si
Sounds in motions of space: touching one another, crashing into each other, superimposing or encountering one another. Their source is the body and its vitality. In his process-based solo performance, Geraldo Si experiments with sounds and discovers new worlds of tones and movement. "The action leads to the idea, the interaction shows the way.
To do! We do: not the things we had in mind. We just „do“! The action is the point of departure, the legitimisation and the catalyst of as well the start as the development of the presentation. The different appliances as music, dance and picture take over each other's strategy.“ SichtLaut Manifest http://www.geraldosi.de/