da-zwischen is a laborgras commissioned work for the TPO’14

The piece describes a specific universe of ten characters. They can be understood as individuals and at the same time, they are part of a unit. Stories emerge in fragments, situations arise, but never find their end. Actions begin and relationships develop but on its way they are getting distorted, deconstructed or manipulated so that the accouring images of bodies, sounds and light weave themselves into a fine cloth of relationships which always only lets a part of it be seen. The rest of the stories complements the audience’s imagination.

Choreography Renate Graziadei in collaboration with
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi, laborgras Berlin
Dance: Marie Alexis, Mirjam Bührer, Laila Clematide, Cornelia Hanselmann, Hella Immler, Stefanie Olbort, Angela Rabaglio, Raquel Miró Roca, Senja Santiago and Aleksandra Vohl
Live Music: Enrico Lenzin, Strotter Inst.
Lighting Design: Christoph Gorgé
Costume Design: Eva Butzkies

Pictures: Christian Glaus

World Premiere:
August 14th 2014 Lokremise St.Gallen (CH)

Additional performances:
August 16th Lokremise St.Gallen (CH)
August 23rd TanzRaum Herisau (CH)
November 1st Phönix-Theater Steckborn (CH)
November 8th Theater Chur (CH)
November 13th Spielboden Dornbirn (A)
November 15th TAK Theater Liechtenstein Schaan
November 22nd Tanzzeit Festival Winterthur (CH)