Open Classes

Open Classes

Monday July 4th & Tuesday July 5th, 10:00 – 12:00, with laborgras

Class will start with a warm up introducing concepts and aspects from several anatomically based movement systems. We will prepare the body and mind to be receptive and prepared for moving in a highly physical way, with an emphasis on detail, without loosing one’s own individual expression. We will work on achieving an efficient body alignment as a base to move from. As the warm up gets more physical we begin to train various muscle groups, connections and actions working with gravity as our partner until we finally approach a choreographic material in which all the previous concepts can be applied.

Renate Graziadei was born in Austria and completed her dance training in Switzerland. She then moved to New York City where she studied, worked and lived for three years, dancing amongst others with the Nina Wiener Dance Company. After returning to Europe, she worked with Rui Horta at S.O.A.P Dance Theatre Frankfurt and later with the Hamburg-based dance group COAX. Swiss-born Arthur Stäldi trained in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Rotterdam (Holland). He worked in various state theaters in Switzerland and Germany and in 1989 founded the Hamburg-based dance group COAX with dancer Rica Blunck. In autumn 1994, Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi founded the laborgras collective. In addition to creating numerous original projects of their own, Renate and Arthur also contribute to the creation processes of many other artists. Concurrently they have been pursuing the sharing and teaching of dance knowledge as a medium of social communication, as guest teachers for various education programs and studios nationally and internationally.

Single Class: EUR 8
10 Class Card: EUR 70
10 Class Card is valid for 2 month

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