Studio laborgras Open Class

Studio laborgras Open Classes

Monday Sept. 14th - Friday 18th
10:00 - 12:00, with Renate Graziadei
Monday Sept. 21st - Friday 25th
10:00 - 12:00, with Renate Graziadei



Fee Open Classes:

Open Class costs 8€ you can also buy a ten class card for 70€.

Open Classes with laborgras / Renate Graziadei

The Class will start with a warm up introducing concepts and aspects from several anatomically based movement systems which will prepare the body and mind to be receptive and prepared for moving in a highly physical way with an emphasis on detail without loosing once own individual expression. We will work on achieving an efficient body alignment as a base to move from. As the warm up gets more physical we begin to train various muscle groups, connections and actions working with gravity as our partner until we finally approach a choreographic material in which all the previous concepts can be applied.
This week there will be also an emphasis on working on the floor and in and out of the floor so if you have anykind of knee problems please bring some kneepads.