How many more times

How many more times

is a laborgras commissioned work for Walk-Tanztheater VLBG/Austria

„How many more times…“ investigates the many layers of time and questions the human desire for endlessness. How many more times? Which memories remain?

In collaboration with five women of different ages, Renate Graziadei explores topics of aging, memories, everyday moments and habits, manifested by the dancer’s individual perspectives.The dancer’s interplay constantly creates new situations and moments, corresponding to the women’s personal histories. Layer by layer we get inside into their individual lives, as well as into shared stories and questions.

Alina Rosalie Amman’s playful stage design supports these personal stories. Together with Renate Graziadei she created a highly contrasting microcosm of perspectives, opening up an imaginative space for the performance. The music by Martin E. Greil generates a sonor landscape that opens up to the presence of the outside world, while simultaneously offering the possibility to dive into the resonance of the invented ‘playground’.

„How many more times…“ consists of multiple processes of aging. Steps of life melt into one another, passing from one person to the next, ending in a common dance that opens up for a shared narrative. The audience is offered a multitude of personal inspirations to search for one’s own experiences and wishes.

Choreography: Renate Graziadei in collaboration with
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi
Dance: Maartje Pasman, Brigitte Walk, Elisabeth Orlowsky, Natalie Fend, Simea Cavelti
Costume and Setdesign: Alina Rosalie Amman
Music: Martin E.Greil
Technique: Matthias Zuggal
Production Managment: Nicole Wehinger

World Premiere
October 12th 2017

Further performances on October 13th, 14th and 17th till 21st, 2017

Venue: Altes Hallenbad
Feldkirch (VLBG/Austria)

A prodcution of Walk-Tanztheater, supported by Land Vorarlberg. der Stadt Feldkirch, Sparkasse Feldkirch, carla Text, netzwerkTanz and Guido Feger Stiftung.