Melting Point

Melting Point

In this performance, real spaces where connected through a virtual space, building an interactive communication surface. Three dancers placed in different rooms meet in real time to communicate with each other via electronical data stream. While the dancers where active in three different physical locations, they defined their own unique space through their decisions, actions and reactions. These choices simultaneously and collectively formed the real-time virtual or “visually compressed” space.

This virtual fourth space was created through the dialogue between the dancers; like the complex interaction in a city, constantly changing by the comings and goings of its citizens. In the same way, this “melted – visual space” was constantly in flux, giving it it’s own, unique quality. The virtual dance -surface became an architecture.

Through the dancers interaction in the “melted” space their individual interpretation became part of a common communication, creating a composite whole in which the three bodies melted together to form a trio. The spectators perception was one of a real-time event; present and yet absent in a spatial configuration without limits.

Stepping Forward in Architecture (2002):
The technological and theoretical disintegration and expansion of space, and the exploration of different forms of space, of which we could scarcely imagine before, can now be worked with and explored through use of the tools available to us today. Facilitating people coming together in simple and playful ways; connecting city spaces by means of experimental fields, making the intersections between human beings and the modern world more dynamic and stimulating, will all be future tasks of the architect.

Concept & Idea: laborgas & kube libre in collaboration with David Hernandez
Performers: Mette Ingvartsen, Renate Graziadei & David Hernandez
Music: Ralf Krause & David Hernandez
Artistic coordination & dramaturgical eye: Arthur Stäldi
Technical management & internet set-up: Peter Lenaerts & Gabriele Cosentino
Technical support during the build up: Jiv Wagner
Production & Public Relation: Traudl Kupfer
Production assistant: Julia Giesecke

Video Excerpts are from the performances, edited by: Barbara Weigel

World premiere
July 23rd 2002

Venue: Studio laborgras
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a
10999 Berlin

A laborgras and kube libre production in collaboration with David Hernandez. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, the UIA Berlin 2002 XXI World Congress of Architecture, the Hebbel-Theater Berlin, the Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin, the Theaterdock and the Sony Professional Center Berlin. Made at Studio laborgras 2002