da-zwischen is a laborgras commissioned work for Tanzplan Ost 2014

Every movement has a reason and a consequence in the actions of the ten dancers of the dance project TPO’14. Stories emerge in fragments, situations arise, but never show their beginning and never find their end – only to flashing moments that throw light on parts of a logic. Actions begin and then become abstract, relationships develop and are distorted, deconstructed or manipulated. Images, sounds, bodies, light, movement – situations weave themselves into a fine cloth of relationships, but always only a section can be seen. The rest complements the audience’s imagination.

Choreography: Renate Graziadei in Kollaboration with
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi
Dance: Marie Alexis, Mirjam Bührer, Laila Clematide, Cornelia Hanselmann, Hella Immler, Stefanie Olbort, Angela Rabaglio, Raquel Miró Roca, Senja Santiago and Aleksandra Vohl
Live-Music: Enrico Lenzin, Strotter Inst.
Ligthing Design: Christoph Gorgé
Costume Design: Eva Butzkies

Pictures: Christian Glaus

World Premiere:
August 14th 2014 Lokremise St.Gallen (CH)

Additional performances:
August 16th Lokremise St.Gallen (CH)
August 23rd TanzRaum Herisau (CH)

November 1st Phönix-Theater Steckborn (CH)

November 8th Theater Chur (CH)
November 13th Spielboden Dornbirn (A)
November 15th TAK Theater Liechtenstein Schaan
November 22nd Tanzzeit Festival Winterthur (CH)