Das Fest – the dance­concert­film 2021

Das Fest – the dance­concert­film 2021

Originally conceived as a stage premiere in december 2020 at radialsystem, the performers of laborgras together with the ensemble CONTINUUM present their latest production “Das Fest” (“The Celebration“), now as a danceconcertfilm that transcribes selected works by Arcangelo Corelli and Georg Friedrich Händel into a contemporary audiovisual language. The adapted film version, created in collaboration with Walter Bickmann/Tanzforum Berlin, takes up the composers’ festive music and translates it into a choreographic concert: „Das Fest“ combines baroque music and contemporary dance in a joyful quest for new forms of historical performance practices. The choreography reveals itself through unexpected, cinematic perspectives and the audience at home is invited to an evening full of surprising impressions, offering a new bodily form to the early music.

Concept/Artistic Direction: laborgras
Choreography in collaboration with: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Rosalind Masson, Sergey Zhukov and Tian Gao
Dance: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Renate Graziadei, Rosalind Masson, Sergey Zhukov and Tian Gao
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi
Musical Direction: Elina Albach
Ensemble CONTINUUM: Violin: Joosten Ellée and Nadja Zwiener, Viola da Gamba: Liam Byrne, Violone: Christine Sticher, Harpsichord: Elina Albach
Works by Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Friedrich Händel and Giuseppe Torelli
Costume Design: Claudia Janitschek
Hair and make-up: Friederike Schäfer and Iselin Brockes
Film direction & editing: Walter Bickmann / Tanzforum Berlin
Sound recording and mixing: Carlo Grippa
Camera: Doris Kolde, Dominik Schötschel and Walter Bickmann
Technical direction stage and light: Emma Juliard
Technical assistance: Sanja Gergoric
Technical production radialsystem: Reinhard Horn
Technical team radialsystem: Carlo Grippa, Karsten Blank, Luigi Kovács, Lutz Nerger, Matthias Kümmel, Sven Seemann and Vanessa Weinert
PR: k3 berlin – Kontor für Kultur und Kommunikation
PR and marketing radialsystem: Bettina Schusseil and Uwe Hiltwein
Production Management: Inge Zysk and Raquel Moreira
Production radialsystem: Jule Sievert

Special thanks goes to: Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Nico and the Navigators, radialsystem, Tanzforum Berlin, Chantal Jasmin Parussel, Jessica Harwatta, Heiko Krämer, Robert Schmidt, Sascha Scharmann and Tobias Lehner.

Pictures: Phil Dera, Design: Mia Sedding

Online premiere
January 31st 2021
Filmed at radialsystem

A laborgras production.
Supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
Made at Studio laborgras and radialsystem.

The stage premiere, which was cancelled in December 2020, will take place on November 24th 2022 at the Theatre im Delphi.