MODES of locomotion & Birchwood Edge

Saturday November 28th 20:00

LaborGras presents Raffaella Galdi

12 Eur / 08 Eur*
*reduced entry fee

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MODES of locomotion & Birchwood Edge

MODES of locomotion

Concept, choreography: Raffaella Galdi
Dance: Elisabeth Stockinger, Raffaela Galdi
Sound: Alexander Sieber
Light: Raffaella Galdi
Light adviser: Lutz Deppe
Voice: Elke Pusl
Text: Raffaella Galdi
Video and pictures: Carlos Bustamante
Dramaturgy, assistance: Mira Moschallski
Duration: 30 minutes

Within the contemporary dance performance MODES of locomotion music, text and dance are interacting. Two people, text and dance, words and music meet in encounters that touch us through their physical, emotional and psychological qualities and thus move something inside of us. They guide us on paths and detours, show us their strengths and weaknesses and let us experience ups and downs. The essential thought is that meetings, no matter of what kind, intensity and tempo, always move something inside and around us.

Produced by Raffaella Galdi and artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig.
Supported by LaborGras Berlin and fabrik Potsdam in the frame of Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residence. Thanks to Tanzfabrik Berlin, Gelber Raum, Jerry, Carlos Bustamante, Jutta Police Nicholas Elliott.


Birchwood Edge a Dance Video Installation

Carlos Bustamante and Raffaella Galdi

Measuring interior spaces in a natural landscape: an unspoken mystery. The installation grew from the idea of using the same dance phrase (same dancer and same costume) in different spaces, in order to observe how the perception of the same element can change in relation to different contexts.

The five videos:
Dome - 3 minutes / recorded in July 2009, in Berlin
Reflections - 3 minutes / recorded in July 2009, in Berlin
Stone - 3 minutes / recorded in July 2009, in Berlin
Corner, light and shadows - 3 minutes / recorded in July 2009, in Berlin
Wood - 3 minutes / recorded in April 2009, in Braunschweig

Concept: Carlos Bustamante and Raffaella Galdi
Choreography and dance: Raffaella Galdi
Video: Carlos Bustamante
Music: Alexander Sieber
Recorded in April and July 2009, in Braunschweig  and Berlin
Produced by Carlos Bustamante and Raffaella Galdi. 

Raffaella Galdi was born in Genoa, Italy and lives in Berlin. Training in classical and contemporary dance, she attended the Ecole de Danse Rosella Hightower, in Cannes, France, and received her diploma from the modern dance academy Rotterdamdansacademie, in Rotterdam, Holland. She has been a member of the Berlin-based company Cie. Toula Limnaios, the Belgian Companie Thor, the Luxembourg company Unit Control and the Belgian company Galothar. As a freelancer she has worked with choreographers including Rui Horta, LaborGras, Christoph Winkler, Tomi Paasonen, Helge Müsial, Thom Stuart, Sanne van der Put. Since 2005, Raffaella has developed her own choreographic work. Her choreographic exploration often returns to the concept of the personality-identity occupying the space. She is particularly interested in research, which she considers an important tool to experiment and to observe the work itself. She uses improvisation to discover movement material and as a working method to create instant choreography. Raffaella is a choreographer in residence at the artblau - Tanzwerkstatt in Braunschweig.

Lisa Stockinger was born in Germany and lives in Berlin. In 2005 she graduated at Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. She worked as a freelance dancer with choreographers/companies like Felix Ruckert, Palindrome Dance Company, Double C, Pina Bausch and La Fura  Dels Baus. She has worked with Raffaella Galdi since July 2009.

Alexander Sieber was born in Germany and lives in Berlin. As a composer and sound-designer he provides music for theater, films and dance. Currently he is studying sound studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UDK Berlin). He has worked with Raffaella Galdi since January 2006.

Elke Pusl was born in Germany and lives in Nuremberg and Berlin. She studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles, United States. In 2003 she started to work as an actress with the September Company, in Los Angeles. Back in Germany, in 2006, she worked in various theater and film projects including: Die 9 Lügen der Lady Macbeth (Tacheles, Berlin), Trust-Wohltat (ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel), Souvenir-un-Amour (Ocean Pictures), Gone Sour (Moonquake Productions), Kult-Urtheater Roth (Roth/Nuremberg, Jugend Kulturpreis). Elke also studied political economics and is an active teacher of Tango Argentino. She has worked with Raffaella Galdi since April 2007.

Mira Moschallski was born in Germany and lives in Berlin. She has studied contemporary dance at Epsedanse, Montpellier and at the School for the Arts in Amsterdam, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Dance. Since 2007 she is following a Master Study Program in Dance Studies at the Free University of Berlin. She has worked with Raffaella Galdi since April 2009.

Carlos Bustamante was born in Mexico and lives in Berlin. Carlos is a filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer. His recent short experimental videos include Westwind (2001), Von der Magie zur Kinematographie (2003), Adelbert’s Dilemma (2007) and Wohl und Wehe (2008). From 1989 to 2006 he was Professor in the Theory of Audio-Visual Design and Realization at the Institute for Timebased Media, University of the Arts Berlin. He has contributed essays to Griffithiana, Moving Images: From Edison to the Webcam, Cinéma sans frontièrs 1896-1918 and Film History. He has worked with Raffaella Galdi since November 2008.