Tango-Workshop with Karin Wickenhäuser and Moritz Albert

Tango-Workshop with Karin Wickenhäuser and Moritz Albert

Karin and Moritz are starting a series of tango workshops specifically designed for contemporary dancers. Experience in other styles or physical disciplines is a welcome qualification as well. As opposed to courses in regular dance schools the workshops are taking place in a studio for contemporary dance. We are dancing in socks, learn to lead and follow from the beginning and change partners in order to become familiar with both roles immediately and get a better and deeper understanding of the mechanisms. This means that tango shoes or a regular dance partner aren’t required for participation in the workshops.

The focus is on the basics. How do we walk in tango, how is the connection between the dance partners, how much tension do
we need and how relaxed can we be while dancing with each other? We practice leading impulses, listening and active following. Using the example of the most important composers you get to know the variety and characteristics of the music and learn to express them in your dance. Depending on the interest the series will be continued in 2023. Next summer Rodrigo Fonti will be back in town and lead one or two workshops during his stay. We’re also planning to cooperate with other, Berlin based tango teachers in order to offer a wide range of teaching styles and inspire each other. In the long run we would like to go out dancing together with you so that you can take the step onto the dance floors of Berlin’s tango scene already at an early stage of your learning process.

Karin Wickenhäuser is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and experienced dance teacher. She is dancing tango passionately for more than ten years. Moritz Albert is a drummer and music student. He discovered tango already at an early age of 13 and has been pursuing it ever since. His dancing style is known as precise and very musical. Together they form an excellent team that doesn’t only want to convey a neat technique but also playfulness and joy in tango.

10th of December 2022 12-3:30 PM (break included)
17th of December 2022 12-3:30 PM (break included)
Prices: 1 Workshop: 25Euro /2 Workshops: 40Euro

Studio laborgras
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A
2nd backyard
10999 Belrin-Kreuzberg