The Renais­sance of… Workshop Lab 2

The Renais­sance of… Workshop Lab 2

The Renaissance of… Workshop Lab 2
Mini Creation Experience with David Hernandez/dh+

This workshop is intended to take the participants through a process leading towards a showing at the end of the experience. David Hernandez with two members of his dh+ team will lead the participants through a mini creation exposing the group to the particular way in which David works with his dancers.

Two of David’s collaborators Colas Lucot and Renate Graziadei will also be involved in this experience. It will involve exploring a close connection to music and musical forms, an emphasis on working with movement as the base language for creation and on the collaborative aspects of being a dancer in a movement oriented choreographic process.

The days will begin with a technique class in which the dancers begin to access the physicality and ideas that are necessary for this work, followed by a four hour a day intensive process culminating in a showing moment at the end of the process.

The group will be exposed to a very specific movement language while being asked to find their personal approach to this process and collaborate in the creation of a choreographer over the course of 10 days. Subjects of interest are the individual in the group, visual polyphony, the theatricality of moving and many more. The aim is to give dancers an experience and useful tools that are largely inaccessible outside of the creation experience.

Mini Creation Experience
with David Hernandez/dh+

October 19th – 31st 2015