The Studio

The Studio

Since autumn 2002 Studio laborgras is the collective’s homebase and attracts numerous national and international artists as a platform for research, exchange and performing. The studio has established itself internationally through its residency, performance and research platforms by building a meaningful, vital and socially-conscious space for contemporary dance. There is an active commitment to playing with different forms of presentation, to training and discussion that makes the studio a forum where artists, their work and processes, but also encounters between artists and with the public, are a focal point.

The projects and processes that take place in the studio are regularly documented and made public in order to strengthen ties with the public. The dialogue between artist and audience is a prerequisite and a stimulus for artistic development: art is communication, and it involves both partners. The public is not a recipient, rather a producer and therefore an active participant.

Located in Kreuzberg SO36 the Studio can be also rented for different purposes: rehearsals, workshops, public performances (dance & music), visual arts exhibitions, photo shootings, film screenings or TV productions.

The size of the space is 250m2, of which 150 are covered with sprung floor.
The remaining 100m2 can serve as a changing area during classes or workshops, or can function as a foyer for performances. The studio is adaptable and can be re-configured for performances into a studio-stage that can accommodate 60 to 90 people.

Additional specifications
• ceiling height 3,8 m
• rigging to hang equipment
• additional sound or light equipment on request
• Sanitary facilities are, 1 toilet and 1 shower
• heating
• Bar

Studio laborgras is located at Paul-Linkce-Ufer 44a in the 2nd backyard and in 5 min. walking distance to the Subway Station Kottbusser Tor (U1) and Schönleinstraße (U8).

Contact & Information
If you are interested in renting the Studio and would like to see it beforehand, please send us an Email.

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